Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to do a presenation layout - " Design"

Every designer graphic, industrial, fashion etc should know how to do a good presentation poster. This could be for an Art Showcase or just presenting in your class or at work.

The foremost concept in presenting a poster is to attract viewers, tell them the story and keep them focused and attracted (..droool).

So how and where do you start.
1. Pick a layout- landscape, portrait, abstract etc.
2. Pick images for your 3 focal points. Show hierarchy with color, size and contrast. 1. Main focus -glamor shot, foreground etc. 2. Secondary focus- supporting images, storyboard, user scenario, midground etc. 3. Tertiary focus - your concept iterations and developments, research and other texts, background etc.
3. A simple easy but effective rule of thirds or the golden rule. Divide the layout in thirds and place the main focus on any of the third quadrant lines. Although the look of the poster might be traditional, it is a proven method that creates a visual balance. Stick to this and you will be just fine.

There are many research and documents about the " rule of third one good example can be found in this link

*Note that these are not rules but just a lead or markup that you can follow. At the end its upto you to decide how to present your work.

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