Saturday, May 23, 2009

The starting point.

Where do you start your research?
Of course the god sent "search engines".

But how efficient can you be when searching with these sites?
Its the "tags" (simply- the words that you type). As a common practice most of you just type the exact word or phrase required for your search.

But is that the end?
The answer is NO. You need to use indirect phrase to explore more about the same search.

My experience:
Recently my boss hired an Japanese student as intern. He gave both of us the same job to research existing product for design inspiration. Both of us used the same google search. But he was able to find more products than me. How was that possible.
The difference is he searched in Japanese for the same product and now we have double the inspiration that we needed for the project. "Sucess"

Ok so you are not international so how can I type in Japanese or any other language. Simply translate your words from english to other language. A tool that can be found in google- " google translator" see the page:

So now there is no limit for your search. Find anything you want from the whole world.

SO, the basic steps.
1. Search exact phrase in search engines.
2. Search some more using indirect phrases.
3. Search using a translator to find the same in other non engish countries.

You got a solid internet research journal.

Note: This is just basic on internet search. Research is not complete or fullfilled just by internet searches. There are other proven ways for research that I will talk about in my near future entries.